We don’t know what we’d do without your help. You have been a Godsend!
— Diane and Steve C.

PALM Aging Life Management has been providing compassionate, ethical and dependable care since 2017.

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Gyme and the entire PALM Aging team are incredible resources for the community. Gyme's dedication is evident, making her a valuable partner in client management. We appreciate her commitment and the entire PALM Aging team's efforts.
Angela has been a lifesaver, literally!! She works so well with my elderly father, and he can’t wait for the days that she comes to see him. She does a wonderful job teaching and reinforcing life skills, and has become a true companion and friend for Dad. Loving, honest, caring, professional….
Palm Aging are amazing. I live outside the US and my Dad lives in Florida. Up until his fall in Nov 2020, Dad was fiercely independent - helped out locals with general garden / house sitting jobs, drove his truck to visit his US family and flew to see me. After Dad was released from Rehab, Palm Aging were recommended. A skype meeting was set up and I was struck by the calm friendliness. I - and Dad - felt comfortable that Dorene (who is Dads main carer) and Cindy and the team would work with Dad to keep him as independent as possible and advise him - and me - of therapies and equipment to help him. Dad doesn't accept help well, and became depressed. To support Dad emotionally, we had a talk about how he was not very social, but would always talk a bit to folks he saw when he was helping out. A local VA group - Dads retired Air Force - was recommended as a was to socialise in a way he was comfortable. When Dad had another fall - Palm Aging are the 1st point of contact - and messaged with me, keeping me up to date. Medical terms were explained, questions answered and advice given in a kind manner.2 years on, Dad is still in his own home. A few more medical issues, including early dementia, and I know that if it wasn't for the Palm aging team, he would have been forced into Assisted living after his falls. As he cannot drive anymore, one of the team will come and walk around the block with him, help clean up the house a little. Other days, he will be taken to medical appointments. On these days, Dorene, with her extensive knowledge of medical elderly care, will accompany him as Dad doesn't understand medical talk. Through out the last few years, I have been able to contact with any questions and concerns. The Palm Aging team extend care to the families of the elderly person - when I was able to come and see my Dad after Covid, they arranged to collect me from the airport.Sadly Dads dementia has progressed that assisted living has to be considered. Palm were able to advise and organise viewings with places that would be most suited to Dad.Bottom line - a wonderful team of people who work professionally, with empathy and consideration, to help their clients.

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Long distance daughter

“Samantha has been assisting my mom for several months – allowing her to live independently in her apartment and giving me peace of mind 5,000 miles away. Having this remarkable and much needed service to help loved ones so far away is such a great thing. Her keen eye, ears and insight are second to none and she has helped stay on top of all things impacting my mom’s quality of life. I trust her recommendations as she has the clearest perspective of mom’s situation and I know she has my mom’s best interest at heart. She advocates for her within her team of providers and patiently and kindly helps her navigate the many transitions involved with aging. Just knowing my mom has someone she can rely on when she needs something is so comforting. Her level of individual care and recognition that one size and type do not fit all, coupled with her ability to shapeshift between the diversity of humanity as she does is a fine-tuned rarity. I can’t thank Samantha and PALM enough!”

— Nancy H.

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Long distance son

“Living over 1400 miles away from our family in Florida, we need to have someone we can trust to help with their needs.  The relationship with have with PALM goes beyond trust, to the point that I feel like we have family there who is checking in on and helping us to take care of our aging family members.  Thank you, PALM!”

— Todd B.

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Help after the hospital

“I don’t know what we would have done without Norma and Cindy’s help with Mom over the last couple of years. My brother and I live far away, but Cindy’s frequent visits to Mom in the hospital and rehab meant we had the latest information on her situation, and Mom had an expert to facilitate and advocate for the care she needed. Now that Mom is home and stable, Norma sees her weekly, helping with shopping, doctor visits, and troubleshooting on myriad issues of modern life that can overwhelm an older person – all the things we would do if we lived nearby. Mom is very fond her of her and having her working with Mom gives my brother and I great peace of mind.”

—Laura S.

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Comprehensive assistance after a fall

“Palm Aging handles every issue that comes up for our 84 year old mother.  Mom had a serious fall and a broken bone and has had numerous physical issues over time. Also, given that Mom couldn’t ambulate very well she had a host of other issues (financial; logistic; coordination; travel) and Palm Aging has been there with timely and comprehensive assistance.  My sister, mother, and I greatly appreciate their assistance!”

—Mark S.

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5-star peace of mind 24/7

“We are so glad to have Palm Aging taking care of the medical needs of my stepmom. Living eight hours away, it is impossible to go to her doctors’ appointments. They not only make sure she gets to her appointments, they schedule them, and go with her! No worries if your loved ones can’t remember what the doctor said, because Palm Aging gives you a full report. Palm Aging has also been to the hospital with her several times. If we need them, they are there, no matter what time it is. If you need peace of mind and help, Palm Aging is for you. We highly recommend them. They are kind, gentle, responsible, and very professional. This is a 5 star company!”

—Carolyn M.

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Transitioning to long-term care

“I wish I had known about PALM when I was going through the process of transitioning my mom to assisted living. Norma helped me recently with some care issues in the facility where my mother lives now. It’s very helpful to get a third party perspective when making difficult decisions about family members.”

—Maryel D.

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