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Why PALM Aging Life Management?

There may be no bigger challenge in life than caring for loved ones as they age.

While young parents may make the argument that caring for children may be harder, it is actually, at times, easier to deal with children than it is to manage all the issues connected to dealing with aging parents.

There are seemingly endless issues to deal with as loved ones age. These could include juggling doctor appointments, paying the bills and making sure they are safe in their surroundings or that they have and can prepare food for meals.

Beyond that, you may have to handle with transitions in their living situation, long-term support and supervision and medical crises.

Add to all of this the possibility that you are serving as a family caregiver from a distance. Your senior loved ones may be in one city, and you may on the other side of the country.

In most places, there are a number of agencies that can be helpful, but the biggest challenge may be how to organize all those potential resources.

That’s where PALM Aging Life Management comes in. We can be that one resource that coordinates all of it.

We have served as an advocate for families in North Central and North East Florida since 2017. We serve Alachua, Flagler, Marion, St. Johns counties and other nearby communities.

Our role is to ensure the setting in which a senior or disabled adult is safe and healthy. We do that by providing any of the following services:

  • Creating personalized assessment and care plans
  • Coordinating care with the medical team and family
  • Completing home safety assessments
  • Monitoring care in facilities or at home
  • Helping choose personalized assessment and care plans
  • Consulting, educating and guiding family members regarding aging issues
  • Making sure the bills are all paid

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can help families make the right choices – the same choices we would make for our own loved ones.

With caring for senior loved ones or disabled family members as complex and challenging as it is, it is imperative to have an advocate on your side. So, whether you live down the street or on the other side of the country, we are here to help.

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