Crisis management and transitions

Emergencies by their nature are unplanned. A fall, a car accident, a stroke. Anything can happen that suddenly means a visit to the ER or a stint in the hospital. And then there’s the arrangement for care and support during recovery. Whether the follow-up is at home, in a rehab facility, or involves a move to an assisted living facility, we are there to help you through the transition.


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24/7 on-call program

If you or a loved one do not have family nearby, it can be scary to end up in the ER due to a fall or other unexpected event and have no one there to help you. From decisions about treatment, to knowing who to call, you want an advocate who knows you and knows the medical system so your care fits with your needs and wishes. For one annual fee, we are available 24/7 to meet you at the hospital and jump in as your advocate and guide. (Once we arrive at the hospital, time spent is based on our hourly rate.)

Our on-call program begins with meeting you and learning more about you, your medical history, your current doctors, your medications, and your goals relevant to your care. We touch base with you periodically throughout the year to get updates so we are always current should the need arise.

No required monthly visits. No little extra charges here and there. Beyond your annual fee, we don’t charge unless you actually need to have us come in and start providing care. Cost effective for you, with peace of mind for you and your family.

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Medical advocacy

Boggled by all the decisions? Not sure your loved one’s voice is being heard? Having trouble juggling it all from afar? We’ve got you covered. We know all the local hospitals and the entire process from admission to discharge. We also understand the support services that are available that could make your life easier. And we know the ins and outs of Medicare to ensure you are receiving all the benefits you have coming to you. You don’t have to do this alone. Give us a call at 386-864-2304.

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Hospital to home

Have they just told you that mom is ready to be discharged tomorrow? Are you ready? Like most families, you are probably relieved that she’s better but wondering how to get the proper support in place so she’s safe and doesn’t end up back in the hospital. That’s where we come in.

Our extensive knowledge of the local providers and our experience getting clients transitioned back to home make your job much easier. You don’t have to worry about screening home-care companies, ordering equipment, or getting supplies and prescriptions ready for when mom arrives home. We’ll handle all that. Give us a call at 386-864-2304.

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Transitioning to rehab

The good news—the hospital discharge is in sight! But it may be that your loved one needs to go to rehab first for a few weeks to get the therapy needed for the best recovery. This will be “home” during a challenging time.

Let us help you decide which facility will best meet your needs. Is there one near friends and relatives? This is important for visiting and keeping spirits up. Which one has the lowest staff turnover? Lowest turnover in administration? It’s hard to know unless you work in the field. That’s why we’re here to help. Give us a call at 386-864-2304.

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Assisted living or a memory unit

Whether the move is following a hospitalization or you just think it’s time for your loved one to be in a more social and structured environment, put our deep knowledge of local resources to work for you. It’s important to get a good fit between the care provided, the activities available, your loved one’s temperament, and believe it or not—the food! Every facility has its own personality. We know the local options well, including the management style and the level of staff satisfaction (a critically important factor in the provision of good care).

Following an assessment of your loved one’s abilities and a conversation about their values and priorities—getting to know them as a person—we give you a personalized list of recommendations. Because we work for you, we do not accept “referral fees” (kickbacks) from these facilities. The communities we will recommend to you are those we feel are the best match for your unique situation and budget. We can go with you to tour the facilities. In addition, once you pick one, we can help with the move and the oh-so-important transition in the days and weeks following.

There are many, many, many senior housing choices in Florida. We save you time, money, and headache by giving you a personalized set of choices we feel will be the best fit for your situation. You don’t want to have to move twice!

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Independent living communities

So many choices! In Florida we are blessed with a wide range of housing opportunities. But how to know which one to choose? It’s a very personal decision, so we take time to learn about your priorities, physical needs, even your values and personality, not to mention your budget. We can then narrow the field down to a few places most likely to be a good fit.

Unlike senior advisors, our Life Care Managers do not accept commissions or finder fees. We are completely independent and serve only you. The short list of communities we will give to you is based on what we think will be the best match for you, not the place that will give us the largest kickback.

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Moving and downsizing

Whether the plan is to move to a continuing care community, to assisted living, or back with family, downsizing, packing, transporting, and unpacking can be exhausting. What surprises most older adults is the emotional toll of going through and letting go of possessions of a lifetime. Our many years of experience can help you create an organized system that will guide decision making and ensure that belongings end up where they will be most valued. We also help with planning furniture layouts in the new home, packing, moving, and unpacking.

Then, of course, there’s the emotional and social transition of a new setting. These changes are not small, and they can be especially daunting when there are medical challenges or the person is dealing with dementia.

We understand the demands of the logistics and the pull on the heart, and we can walk beside you through the whole process.

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Sometimes it becomes clear that the best situation of all is for an aging parent to move back closer to relatives. We can help!

Consider the story of Meg.
After multiple hospitalizations over the year, she simply needed to live in a context with more help. Assisted living might have been an option, but she was so frail that soon she would need to move again to a nursing facility. Home care was too expensive. Plus, all the reasons she had moved to Florida (golf, square dancing, going out with friends) were now too physically challenging. She and her family agreed that it was time to move. Her eldest daughter could take her in and care for her with the help of her nearby daughter and son.

The cost of flying in Meg’s medical state was unaffordable ($26,000), so we rented an RV and arranged for a driver and a nurse to transport her up the eastern seaboard to New York. They were able to drive straight through. The trip was very smooth and cost significantly less than flying.

Once settled in with her daughter, we turned our attention to Meg’s condominium. With the help of a local senior move manager, we were able to pack and have her belongings shipped home. We recommended a very experienced senior real estate specialist, and her condo was put on the market and sold for a good price.

If you find yourself in a medical crisis with a loved one and need someone who understands aging and knows the local resources, give us a call at 386-864-2304. You don’t have to do this alone!

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