Long-distance caregiving

Approximately 15% of families live an hour or more away from a relative who needs help. If this is your situation, you are not alone!

  • Are you caring for a parent long distance?
  • Trying to juggle their needs with the demands of your own life at home?
  • Feeling guilty and stressed that you can’t be there when they need help?

A big portion of our clients have children who live in another state or even another country. We serve as your eyes and ears. We take your parents to the doctor as needed. Arrange and monitor care in the home. Address their emotional and social needs. We make sure they are safe and living life according to their wishes and goals. Plus, we keep you informed if anything changes.

In addition to providing care for your loved one—helping them age in place, supporting them through dementia, handling emergencies as they arise—we also offer support for you, the family caregiver.

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Real-time access to care notes

Our software enables you to log on and see our care notes as they are uploaded. We believe in transparency and make sure you have the ability to participate as much as you want.

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Zoom and phone consultations

Do you have questions? Want to talk about a particular problem? Looking for strategies or resources? With our hourly consulting services, we are happy to meet with you as little or as often as you need.

Perhaps you need help with distraction techniques for a loved one with emotional outbursts due to dementia. Maybe you are concerned about the wisdom of staying at home and want to talk through local options for home care or assisted living.

Take advantage of our technology resources for meeting by phone or video chat. We can even connect via What’s App for those who live abroad.

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Email and text communications

Are phone calls difficult for you? We’re happy to communicate in whatever medium works best. Whether you prefer email or text, we’ve got it. Just let us know.

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Monthly updates

Especially for families who live far away, it’s nice to have a monthly review of activities and observations. You receive copies of our care notes with each invoice so you can stay abreast of gradual changes. (And if we know anything about eldercare, it’s that change always happens!)

If there is a sudden change, we will get in touch with you right away. But at least you know you will get updates once a month so you can stay in tune with what’s happening even when things are fairly calm.

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Family meetings

It’s very common for siblings to have quite different impressions of what is going on with mom and dad. And, sadly, sometimes old rivalries get in the way of clear thinking and teamwork between family members. It helps to have an objective professional facilitate a meeting, or series of meetings, to get everyone on the same page and share the responsibilities of eldercare as equitably as possible.

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Emergency support

Probably an adult child’s worst nightmare: Mom or dad is in the hospital and you aren’t there to help. No worries! With our 24/7 on-call program, we meet with your loved one and get to know their medical history and personal preferences concerning care and treatment. If they should fall, get in a car wreck, or have a stroke, for example, we can meet them at home or at the hospital and stay beside them during the process.

We can also advise you concerning the severity of the situation and when it would be best for you to come. And if it’s serious and you are the health care decision maker, we can answer questions and guide you concerning end-of-life decisions based on our knowledge of the medical system and your loved one’s personal values. You don’t have to do this alone.

Accidents by their very nature are unplanned. Even for older adults who are relatively healthy, our on-call program provides peace of mind for everyone, just knowing an expert in aging is available whenever you need one.

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